My Spring Namastacation

Fitness Junkie

Ahhhhhhh, it’s Spring Break! This is the week I rest up, regroup, and prepare for the difficult last months of the school year. I have nothing big planned other than some closet clean outs, indoor and outdoor house stuff, oh and some type of hot yoga almost every damn day! That’s right, I’m living the #yogaeverydamnday life because as Trent Reznor of NineInchNails sings, “kinda I want to.”

I started my staycation off by burning 463 calories at my favorite class Hot PyroPilates. I feel strong and comfortable in this class, mostly because even the fittest in the room struggle somewhere during this one, and as soon as my nap is over, I am going to feel like such a badass! At the moment, the act of typing is putting a strain on my arms. More later! Next up… Lukewarm space heater home yoga.

Well, day 2 turned out to be a needed rest day. I foolishly forgot to rehydrate after pyro, and paid for that mistake with a lazy Easter Sunday. Resting felt pretty good. Next up Hot Barre!

Day 3 did not disappoint. A noon hot barre with a light crowd and killer playlist gave me life! There were a few pyro survivors in the class as well, and I felt better about that challenging class after exchanging “what part of you doesn’t hurt?” laughs. I should mention that every one of these classes happens at the same magical yoga studio. I’ve never experienced the palpable positive energy that happens every time I even pull into the parking lot of Tribe Hot Yoga. No jealousy, just admiration. It’s my happy place! Not sure about day 4, may have an at home workout but it will be followed by a brunch I’ve been looking forward to, so no worries.

The rest of the week looked much like the first few days. Wake up. Sweat. Repeat. I ended the this new tradition with a major sweat sesh and something I’ve never done before……

Back to Back classes!

What an adventure. I packed extra everything, but forgot that once you turn the sweat faucet on, there’s no drying off and starting over. This was a tough challenge, but it was a perfect way to end my Namastacation.
Bonus- Highly doubtful there will be Sunday night anxiety!

I’m grateful for this week of yoga and Pilates, and I’m proud of myself for listening to my body. It sounds ridiculous in a pandemic to say I needed quiet, but I did.

I needed a week to quiet my brain and it worked so well, the sound of dishes clanking together seemed loud.

I know. I read it. Hell, I wrote it. I’m glad there’s noise, because it means there still a need for yoga.