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I had a plan. It’s not all that impressive, stress does weird things to my stomach.  My plan was to stick to my daily food routine with the goal of going out every night once the band- aid is off of the world and Covid-19 becomes a memory.  I’m starting to rethink the plan, and not just because the calendar will most likely say Bathing Suit season by then.When the curtain goes up and the “Yes,We’re Open” sign appears on the world, we should be more Pooh less Tigger. Cautious thinkers instead of happy huggers. Sorry, I’m sure that is not what my only reader wants to see. (Hi Mom) but I worry that all this quarantine flat curve stuff could be for nothing if we jump back into crowded bars and sweaty gyms. Gross? Good! I’m not happy about this theory and with all this time, I have lots of thoughts.

When it is deemed safe, will that awkward step and stop moment before greeting someone with a hug become the new normal? Will private conversations have a 6ft gap between them? Theme parks? I never want to go to another one. Will this hermit lifestyle get old once the memory becomes as blurry as the days of the week or the last time I wore mascara? These are legit questions but since I don’t want to return to  “What day is it?” I am actually hoping for a post Covid19 plan.  I’m willing to reserve my spot at a smaller yoga class with fewer bodies.  I think hugs will be okay by Thanksgiving, and I’m willing to wait until then to keep my family and friends safe. I will purchase gift cards and go to restaurants during off peak times. I know the 6ft line rules are not feasible, but maybe 3ft tape lines?  I am kind of enjoying not having the person behind me ask about my protein cookies, or reading the cards I buy.

I’m sorry I am not offering a more optimistic plan but for me it IS a hopeful plan as in,  “I’m hopeful we are still here to tolerate the plan,”  or  a different one from an expert who knows stuff about this stuff.

At least my brain is thinking. Too often these days I’m just sitting and staring out the window picturing squirrels in tiny face masks.