Strong Because it’s Your Only Option

Fitness Junkie

As hard as it is to admit sometimes, marriages create roles. I do the food shopping, my husband takes care of taking the trash out. Emptying litter boxes is a team effort, but changing sheets and cleaning falls on me because clutter makes me crazy and my nose is a little less tolerant than my husband’s.  A recent back injury has given me all the roles and the realization that many of my friends live this way all the time.

This blog entry is compliments of changed lightbulbs, clean letterboxes,  wheelbarrows full of trash taken down a long driveway, and clean sheets. I’m living your life and it has been exhausting. You get this done on a daily basis and I’ve never been invited to your pity parties, because there hasn’t been any.

Is it lonely? I know it is and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to realize how strong you are because you have to be.

This is short because I am tired, but I see you and I’m inspired.

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