One Word

Fitness Junkie

At the conclusion of a year, I ask for a word to guide me through the following one. One year my word was MORE, and I got more stress, sadness, and even more injuries. The next year my word was STRETCH and it’s the same year that I discovered and fell head over knees in love with hot yoga. Crazy right? I don’t need to go retelling the story of how I always said, “I hate yoga,” just know that I stretched and continue to stretch with love every week in that hot and sweaty studio I love.

This year I picked the word PUBLISH as a way of urging the universe to help me achieve a goal of getting one of my books accepted by a literary agent. I’m still using that word on my vision board, but a different word chose me in the middle of a hot yoga class. I heard and actually felt the word LIGHT, so now I’m accepting that word as a guide.

I won’t lie, the word comes with some pressure and questions. Am I the light? Should I lighten up? Who needs my light? I’m honestly not sure about any of it, but I’ll trust the light and see where we go.

If you pick a word I’m curious to o know your process?

Big Little Mouse

Fitness Junkie

A little mouse went for a ride, hidden in Santa’s sack.
His plan was to eat cookie crumbs,
From all of Santa’s snacks.
Chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle, sugar cookie crumbs.
He’d sneak out for tiny bites, then quickly scurry back.

Santa delivered all the toys and headed to his sleigh, he seemed a little bit confused at how much the bag now weighed. 
He made it home and went to bed tired from his night. But the big little mouse had a tummy ache,.

No sleep for him tonight.

Holiday Writing Contest- Self-Care Santa

Fitness Junkie


The head elf called Santa on Christmas Day,

to make sure toy delivery all went ok.

“Mrs. C and I are out of reach; we are treating ourselves to a month at the beach.”

Santa took the advice he had read in a letter.

“Taking care of yourself always makes you feel better.”

He and the Mrs. packed up for a break.

A month long escape was not too long to take.

The first week they rested and napped in the sun.

They dipped toes in the ocean and had lots of fun.

Week two warm massages no more cold, ice, or snow.

“My body feels rested, Ho, Ho,

Ho, Ho,


Yoga on the beach was the theme of week three.

They stretched, yoga posed, and relaxed happily.

By the end of week four they were both filled with joy.

Ready and excited for building more toys.