Another Vote For Hot Yoga

Fitness Junkie

Today I went to the dentist. I hate the dentist. We’re talking sleepless nights leading up to the appointment, heart palpitations and trembling in the chair type hate, but I go because avoiding the dentist will inevitably cause more pain one day.

Today I had a crown replaced and I was trying to be brave. I meditated before the appointment and I had my mantra ready. Then I sort of yelped when the Novocain needle went in, and that caused my throat to go numb. My mantra went from “Be likeable,” to “Don’t cry.”

Somewhere during the drilling, I heard my yoga instructor’s voice saying, “the struggles here will help you off the mat.” That’s when tree pose happened in my mind.

Yeah, I went there, and I held that pose for an hour in my mind. Arms raised, right leg bent, and I was beautifully calm in that imaginary tree pose. I’m not kidding, Hot Yoga really did get me through today’s struggle.

I’m pretty sure I’ll need to master crow pose and every other handstand out there before I’ll like colonoscopies, but there’s hope and warm whiskey and water through a straw when it’s all over.


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