I Should Wash My Hair-

Fitness Junkie

I could should my life away, but thankfully I’m learning not to, otherwise I could spend hours on why I should moisturize, apologize, synthesize and lower my size. I should also hydrate, meditate, and lift more weight. I should not compare, remember to share and wash my hair.

The truth is thankfully, I do all of these things. What I’m working on is the consumption of thoughts saying I should be doing more. (Well, maybe I should wash my hair more, but it’s just going to get dirty again.)

The self care part of my life is actually going well. That teenage selfishness has nicely evolved into adult self-awareness. Getting rid of Self doubt is always a work in progress, ¬†and receiving passes from literary agents isn’t exactly a confidence boosting activity. That said, living in fear of rejection is definitely not something I should do. So onward I write, edit, and revise my picture books.

Something I should be doing right now.

The Power of Encouragement

Fitness Junkie

Encouragement is free and feeds so much. It’s free to say, “Nice Job.” It’s free to say, “You rock.” It’s free to observe what makes people happy, you just have to slow down and observe.

I see what works every time I’m at the gym. When the workout gets tough, the trainers turn on the encouragement. Sometimes it is personal, sometimes it’s to the whole group, but each time it works.

This week a former student posted pictures and words of thanks to his customers. The posts were thoughtful, kind, smart and cost him nothing.

Too often we wait for Fill in the blank appreciation week to share encouraging words. Please stop. Do it now.

And if you’ve read this far. Thank you, You Rock!