My To Don’t List


This year the phrase “self care” has been everywhere I look. Need a manicure? “Self care.” New shoes?” Self care.” Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a fresh gel manicure, I just hate sitting still for one. I like looking nice, I just hate shopping. Go you if those events bring you joy. I’m not judging, I’m just thrilled that I’ve figured out what self care means to me. Wait for it, because I can’t believe it either…..

Hot Yoga.

Yes, I set an alarm on Sunday mornings. I drive a half hour away and leave an hour early to get to hot yoga class, because it’s my favorite lost hour of the week. There’s nothing on my mind in that room except the next flow, colorful legging and tattoo admiration. It’s honestly too challenging to let anything else creep into my thoughts and that’s incredibly cool by me.

I’m not trying to sell anyone on hot yoga, I really try hard not to tell people what they would love. I am trying to sell the idea of finding and letting yourself have a self care experience. Something that fills your tank. Something that is so fulfilling it’s the only thing on your “To Do” list. Hey, let’s call this moment your “To Don’t.” If it’s really self care, you will know when you are on empty, then let yourself pay for a full tank of whatever it is you need.

Get lost and Refuel when the happy starts to wear off.

Namaste 😎